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Tuesday, Holy Week 2010

May this Holy Week be a time when the hearts of the frightened and the minds of the timid are enlargened to see the redemptive power of forgiveness. May those who lurk in the darkness of agnosticism and atheism break through to the light of truth and love and see that the pain they feel cannot be treated successfully by cynicism because their hearts are restless for their creator’s redeeming love. Love wins in the end, and love’s power comes from its willingness to let others hate. Love wins because it serves while the pusillanimous and cynical sit in judgement. Love wins, and it is calling you to come home.

Learn Your English Monarchs

Years ago a foetal-blogger wrote an introductory paragraph to an English history survey course. Memorize the paragraph, and you have memorized the sequence of English Kings and Queens since 1066.

Wiliam would have said he ruled justly his ever expanding English realm. He had helped establish English rights. He, having eliminated much egregious judicial corruption, created justice where merely a generation gone greed governed. With venality eradicated, good English government emerged.

William – William the Conqueror
would – William Rufus
have Henry I
said – Stephen
he – Henry II
ruled – Richard I
justly – John I
his – Henry III
ever – Edward I
expanding – Edward II
English – Edward III
realm. – Richard II
He – Henry IV
had – Henry V
helped – Henry VI
establish – Edward IV
English – Edward V
rights. – Richard III
He, – Henry VII
having – Henry VIII
eliminated – Edward VI
much – Mary I
egregious – Elizabeth
judicial – James I
corruption, – Charles I
created – Charles II
justice – James II
where – William III
merely – Mary II
a – Anne
generation – George I
gone – George II
greed – George III
governed. – George IV
With – William IV
venality – Victoria
eradicated, – Edward VII
good – George V
English – Edward VIII
government – George VI
emerged – Elizabeth II