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The Fugal Press Corps

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What should we call the adulatory Washington press corps that slavishly parrots the talking points put forward by Democratic Party operatives and studiously ignores talking points put forward by the opposition? The press corps that constantly claims objectivity despite a perfect record of advocacy?

I believe Rush Limbaugh’s appellation “butt boys” is too vulgar, beyond the Anderson Cooper “teabagger” in its obscenity.

I have heard Hallelujah Chorus, the Amen Corner, and I like both for their Messianic imagery that reminds us of the Blessed One’s unique role.

What about the Fugal Press Corps?

The Free Dictionary ( defines it thusly: “An imitative polyphonic composition in which a theme or themes are stated successively in all of the voices of the contrapuntal structure.” (It defines contrapuntal as “having two or more independent but harmonically related melodic parts sounding together.”)

There I learn also how “fugue” is used as a term of psychiatry: “A pathological amnesiac condition during which one is apparently conscious of one’s actions but has no recollection of them returning to a normal state. This condition, usually resulting from severe mental stress, may persist for as long as several months.”

This is perfect!

On the one hand, the press corps produces an imitative multi-voice composition in which the voices are independent but related and each playing off the other in a harmonious melody.

On the other hand, it is a bunch of people operating under such stress that they have no memory of what they did after they have done it.

Some of us have wondered how they could sleep at night, given their performance on camera or on paper. Now we know.

Written by bsjy

September 11th, 2009 at 8:38 am

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