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Barack Obama as Sir Joseph in HMS Pinafore

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Too much fun to let go.

Sir Barry:
When I was a lad I served a term
with Bill Ayers' wife at a big law firm.
I cleaned no windows and I swept no floor
'cause I want the office in the top-most floor.
'Cause he wants the office in the top-most floor.
Sir Barry:
I did so little and so carefully,
that now I am the ruler of the Left's Party.
He did so little and so carefully,
that now he is the ruler of the Left's Party.
Sir Barry:
As law firm lad I showed such grit
that they gave me a post in the State Senate.
I voted often and I voted clear,
and the only vote recorded was my vote of "here."
And the only voted recorded was his vote of "Here."
Sir Barry:
I voted "here" and so heartlessly,
that now I am the ruler of the One's Party.
He voted "here" and so heartlessly,
that now he is the ruler and it's his party.
Sir Barry:
I soon grew tired of all that work,
so I ran for Senator against some jerk.
I saw no need to remain there long,
and my current campaign is four years' long.
The campaign's going on now four years strong.
Sir Barry:
But that campaign so suited me
that now I am the leader of the Left's party.
And that campaign proved he's no Commie,
or only the kind with a lower-case 'c'.
Sir Barry:
Now lefties all, whoever you may be,
if you once set up the Annenburg C.
If you want to help spread the wealth fairly,
then listen real close and listen to me.
Then listen real close and listen to He.
Sir Barry:
Stuff the ballot box on November 4th,
and we'll tax that plumber for all he's worth!
Stuff the ballot box on November 4th,
and we'll tax that plumber for all he's worth!

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October 20th, 2008 at 5:24 pm

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Jesus was a community organizer, so was Lenin

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The Obama campaign sought to denounce Sarah Palin’s retort that a small-town mayor was sort of like a community organizer but with actual responsibilities. They mocked her with the slogan,

“Jesus was a community organizer; Pontius Pilate was a governor.”

Fair-minded people might wonder how the Obama people came to know that Pontius Pilate was a governor, since that fact is found in the Bible. Everyone in the New Yorker/NPR set knows the Bible is a collection of myths and old wives’ tales designed to comfort those ignoramuses who do not rely on the New Yorker and NPR for direction.

The McCain/Palin campaign needs to take up the community organizer issue again. This time, however, the focus should be on the program of action pursued by the community organizing organization. For the purpose of the debate, we can accept the absurd premise of the Obama slogan; Jesus was a community organizer. What kind of community was he trying to organize? What approach did he use to spread his good news? In order to demonstrate that “community organizer” does not equate to “good person,” the McCain/Palin campaign should give another example of community organizing. I suggest Lenin. Like Jesus, Lenin pursued his vision of a better world. Like Jesus, Lenin employed unorthodox techniques in pursuit of his vision. Both of these community organizers changed the world; one undeniably for the better and one undeniably for the worse. (Jesus was the good one, and Lenin was the bad one, in case some obdurately doltish leftist is still confused on this point.)

Turning to Barack Obama, we should apply these two community organizing models to his work with ACORN. Did he and his group generally follow the community organizing principles established by Jesus or generally those established by Lenin? Clearly, he has not followed either to their extreme examples. At this point, we have no indication of martyrdom in Obama’s life. Likewise, we have no data to support allegations that he killed or had killed his political opponents. So we are looking for insight into which one of the two polar opposites was closer to the path Obama and ACORN followed.

It’s Lenin.

McCain should hammer that home.

You can read a bit about ACORN here in National Review Online.

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October 7th, 2008 at 8:46 am

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